How to Flash the TWRP Recovery Environment on Android Phone (Rooted)

A custom Recovery environment is a third party Recovery environment. By flashing it, you can replace the default stock recovery environment with a third-party customized recovery environment.

Custom Recovery Environment like the Team Win Recovery Project (or TWRP)  do the same things as Google’s default recovery mode. However it allows you to make backups, install ROMs, root your phone, and do a heck of a lot more. So if you’re looking to heavily tweak your phone, you’ll probably need one.

What is TWRP

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), is an open-source software custom recovery image for Android-based devices. It provides a touch screen enabled interface which allows users to install third-party firmware and backup the current system, which are often unsupported by stock recovery images. It is, therefore, often installed when rooting Android devices. source wikipedia


  1. Rooted Android phone. (How to Root Your Android Phone)
  2. Mobile uncle tools – installed on your Android Phone
  3. Mobile uncle tools has been granted SuperSu permission
  4. TWRP.img file – click here to download recovery.img file

How to Flash TWRP recovery environment

The main thing is your device should be rooted otherwise you can not install custom Recovery by this method. Here we will show you to install TWRP recovery environment in your android phone. So follow these steps to flash TWRP-

1. First of all install Mobile uncle tools in your Android Phone.

2. Download TWRP.img file (for particular device). After downloading TWRP.img file, just copy and paste it in your sd card.

3. Now launch the mobile uncle tools application and click on Recovery Update option

Mobile Uncle Tools recovery update

4. Now it will find the recovery.img file automatically

Mobile Uncle Tools

5. After tap on the recovery.img fle,  it will present you with a new dialog box “Are you sure flash recover !” just click Ok

Mobile Uncle Tools

6. Again click OK to reboot in recovery mode. It will take a while so don’t worry about that.

 That’s all ! you have done. Your installation has completed. 

To check custom recovery environment, reboot your phone in recovery mode by pressing power button and volume up button at same time for few seconds.

Mostly in Samsung phones you have to Power off your phone (don’t reboot it, turn it off completely). After that, press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time. Keep pressing these keys until recovery mode menu is being displayed.

Now enjoy your touch based custom recovery on your Android Phone.


How to use Titanium Backup – Complete Backup and Restore

Android has evolved with some handy backup tools. Yes, the cloud can backup some of your setting, contacts and installed apps but it just a list of things for the phone to download and change. Fortunately, Titanium Backup is such a third party application which can be used to backup all your important app data, system data and even WiFi password on your phone.


  1. A Rooted Android phone.
  2. Titanium Backup app installed on your phone.
  3. granted Root permission ( Titanium Backup application ).

Complete Backup

follow these given steps to create complete backup –

1. Open Titanium Backup application on your phone.

2. Go to batch actions via the icon in the top left of titanium’s home screen.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

3. As you can see that there are many options in “Batch actions” ( shown in above screen ). In Backup section, you can choose any actions according to your demand like Backup all user apps, Backup all system data, Backup all user app + system data ….

4. We are here for complete backup. So tap on RUN button in ‘Backup all user apps + system data’.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

5. It will present you with several more option to refine exactly what you’d like to backup. You can unmarked unnecessary app or data.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

6. Once you are satisfied with selection, tap on the green tick in the top right to begin the backup.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

It will take a while especially if you have lots of large application installed.

If you have performed backups in the past and simply want to apps you have installed recently, the “Backup new user apps & newer versions” option on the Batch actions menu is the best choice.

One by One Backup

  • Launch Titanium Backup application on your phone.
  • Tap on Backup / Restore.
  • Tap on any application to create that backup
  • It will present some options on your screen then tap on Backup.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

Schedules Backup

Titanium Backup have included a schedule backup option. Otherwise it’s tough to remember to make a backups every week or month.

How to use this feature

Firstly tap on the “schedules” tab on the main menu. It will show two options ‘Redo backups for  modified data’ and ‘Redo backups for newer app versions’ on your screen.

The first on (Redo backups for  modified data) will schedule backups only for app data which have been changed since the last backup. The second one (Redo backups for newer app versions) is probably the most important. It will backup any new apps, system data and update since the previous update.

Click edit to make changes into the schedule option. There are option to adjust time and date. when you want to generate backups. after that mark enable and Run.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

Restoring from Backup

1. First of all open Titanium Backup application from your launcher screen.

2. Go to “Batch actions”

3. Here you can restore your backups in Restore section. There are multiple options to restore your backups but we will talk about some of the most actions. The first one is “Restore missing apps with data”. It will replace any content that is missing from your handset after wipe. The second one “Restore all apps with data” will replace any existing apps with the backed up versions of them created earlier.

4. Choose between one of them in multiple options, as you need to restore.

5. After choosing desired option, tap on RUN button. It will show you a app list where you can choose the apps which you want to restore.

backup and restore, titanium backup, best backup app, root

6. Now tap on green tick.

It will take some time. Done ! you have restored the backup files.

Uninstall Bloatware

Bloatware is all of the extra software applications that come pre-installed on your Android. If you are using latest Android OS then you have ability to disable these pre-installed applications but you can’t remove them permanently. These pre-installed apps are worthless part of your phone memory. Using titanium backup application, you can easily remove preinstalled apps by tap on the app which you want to uninstall in titanium backup.

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How to Root any Android device using KingRoot – One click Rooting process

KingRoot allows you to root your phone on the mobile itself (no need of computer). It just a one click Rooting process. To manage your root access, it will install KingUser in your system apps just like SuperSu. Besides, KingUser it will also provide some other functions that will enable to remove system apps and disable auto-start apps.

Rooting is the process which gives you administrative power over various android subsystem. It will allow you to access the entire Android Operating System and get full control in your hand.


Before applying this process on your Phone, Please make sure that you get everything right before hand.

  • Android Phone ( Powered ON )
  • At least 20% of battery level
  • Internet connection enable

How to Root any Android device using KingRoot application

1. enable Installation of apps from Unknown sources in your device by following this path: Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> Unknown Sources

enable unknown sources in samsung galaxy on5

2. Download KingRoot apk from here and install on your Android device.

3. After completing installation, you can see the icon  in the Launcher menu.

KingRoot app located in app area

4. Tap on the KingRoot icon to open it. Now tap on the TRY TO ROOT button to begin the root process.
Rooting your phone by KingRoot

5. Now KingRoot will start Rooting process.

Rooting your Anroid phone by KingRoot

6. Within some minutes your device will be rooted successfully.

Rooting your Android phone Using KingRoot app

Done, You have successfully finished the rooting process on your device using KingRoot Android app. for confirmation use Root Checker Application to check the root privileges of your smart phone.

Before Rooting your phone you must know about Rooting – Rooting your Android is Helpful or Harmful

If you are facing any issues while following this process. Do let me know via comment.