Rooting your Android is Helpful or Harmful

Rooting is the process which gives you administrative power over various android subsystem. It will allow you to access the entire Android Operating System and get full control in your hand.

Is Rooting necessary for yourooting is helpful or harmful

When you buy a Android phone and think that you have full control on your Android OS, then you are in misconception. There are some restrictions that your manufacturer or carriers may have applied, which prevents you to customize or modify your system. Some advanced mobile users need more freedom or control with their phone to uninstall unofficial apps, custom themes and specially flash custom rom on their device for that they root their device.

Disadvantage of Rooting (Harmful)

You should consider about disadvantage of rooting first before advantage-

It Voids your Phone warranty

After Rooting phone, the phone’s warranty becomes void. Though any problem develop in your phone even it no caused by Rooting, It can not be claim in warranty cover.

Risk of Bricking

Rooting is the risky process. You have to take a risk with your phone because if you skip any step while applying this process or use any corrupt rooting tool, your phone will turn into a paper weight.

Malware attack

Malware is short form of Malicious Software. This softwares are made for interrupt your mobile or computer operations. We found various rooted apps that contain this malicious code. It gains access in your system and gather sensitive information or display unwanted Advertisement on your screen.

Advantage of Rooting (Helpful)

There are many advantage of Rooting. Here we will take a look on some most important point-

Remove pre-installed apps (bloatware)

Bloatware is all of the extra software applications that come pre-installed on your Android. If you are using latest Android OS then you have ability to disable these pre-installed applications but you can’t remove them permanently. These pre-installed apps are worthless part of your phone memory. The only way to permanently get rid of these apps is Rooting.

Complete Backup

Android has evolved with their great facility to backup and restore point in their phone setting. Yes, The cloud can backup some of your settings, contacts and apps downloads but it just a list of things for the phone to download and change.

If there is option to create backup already enable in your non rooted phone then why you need to Root your device? because when you want to need complete backup like keep everything the way it was, you will have to root your phone.Titanium app, to create complete backup in your rooted deviceTitanium backup is one of the most popular and workable app for rooters to create backup. It can also be used to backup your users data.

Flash Custom Recovery

A custom recovery is a third party recovery environment. By flashing it you can replace the default stock recovery environment with a third party customized recovery environment. Main thing is, that your device should be rooted otherwise you can not flash custom recovery.

Use Xposed Framework

Many low-level tweaks can normally only be performed on Android by flashing custom Roms. The xposed framework allows you to modify your existing system without installing a new custom Rom. All it require is Root access.xposed framework allows you to modify your existing system without installing a new custom rom

Stop waiting for Upgrade

We all know manufacturers have a habit of not to release updates timely. However it’s not a big deal for rooters because they have many possibilities to do with their phone. They can manually update or downgrade their Android operating system but it’s not a official upgrade.

Run exceptional Applications

Rooting is a key which unlock the administrative power for you. In Rooted phone you can install many apps that can make use of root permissions, and simply are not available with non rooted phone.some exceptional apps that can make use of root permissions.


No doubt, Rooting is a risky process. It can harm your device but if you are comfortable enough to take the risk and get advantage, you should try at once but bear in mind these things before Rooting-

  • Make a backup before Rooting
  • Take your full time to find out, how to root your android device

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