How to Send Spoof Images on Whatsapp (Thumbnail Changing Trick)

There are billions of people on the planet who are using Whatsapp messenger to send messages, photos and videos or something like that to their friends.

I have been using Whatsapp  for few years. Recently, I was trolled by one of my friend on Whatsapp with a funny behaving photo, Its thumbnail is different from the actual picture and I got trolled after viewing the original image.

how to send thumbnail changing images on whatsapp

How to send Thumbnail changing image on Whatsapp

I know that you have definitely received a thumbnail changing image. Here I am going to show you a Whatsapp Picture Trick for Thumbnail Change. By following this trick you can create an image with a different thumbnail from the actual picture and you can troll your friends by making them fool.

So let’s do it-

  • Firstly install Image preview changer app on your Android phone.
  • Now open the image preview changer app, where you can see it will ask you to select Original image and Preview Image from your phone gallery.
  • In the First box choose an image which you want to show as an actual picture.
  • In the second box choose an image which you want to show as a thumbnail of the image.

Image preview changer app

  • Now it’s ready to send.
  • By pressing SHARE WITH WHATSAPP button You can send this this spoof image to any of your Whatsapp friend.

Note that, only the person who receiving the image will see the change by himself.

That’s all guys! By using image preview changer app you can easily create and send the dual display magic pictures for on-touch thumbnail change.

If it’s working for you then like and share it with your friends.

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