How to Burn an ISO File to a USB Drive (Easily create Bootable drive)

To create a bootable drive of operating system or something else, you need an .iso image file. If you have an ISO image file and a USB flash drive then you can easily burn it to that drive.

Burning an ISO to USB is different than just copying the file. It’s even different than burning an ISO to a disc. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic free tool that will handle all of this for you automatically.

How to Burn an ISO File to a USB Drive (Create Bootable drive)

1. Download Rufus, a free tool.

It will automatically extract the contents of the ISO file you have, and properly copy the files to your USB device.

2. Double-click on the rufus-2.15p.exe file that you just downloaded, to run the Rufus program.

Rufus works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, and will “burn” an ISO image file to any type of USB storage device you happen to have.

3. Properly insert the desire flash drive.

Note. It will erase everything on the drive. So, if the drive is not empty then backup all the files you want to keep before continuing.

4. Choose the USB storage device you want to burn the ISO file, from the Device drop-down at the top of the Rufus program screen.

5. Leave the Partition scheme and target system typeFile systemCluster size, New volume label options alone unless you know what you’re doing or you’ve been advised to set any of those parameters to something else.

Rufus - Create bootable USB drives

6. Under Format Options, You can leave all of them in their default state but in the Check device for bad blocks, you have some concern that the flash drive or USB device you’re using may have an issue. (1 Pass is just fine in most cases but knock that up to 2, 3, or even 4 if you’ve had issues with this drive before.)

7. Now click on the CD/DVD icon.

burn iso image to usb drive

8. It will open a window where you have to select the ISO image file which you want to burn to the flash drive. After selecting, tap or click on the Open button.

9. Now click on Start button to start the “burning” of the ISO file to the USB device you chose.

Important- If you get an Image is too big message, you’ll need to use a larger USB device or choose a smaller ISO image.

10. Click OK to the WARNING message that appears next.

11. Wait while Rufus properly formats the USB drive so it’s bootable, and then copies all of the files to the drive that are contained in the ISO image.

Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

12. Once Rufus program window says DONE, you can close Rufus and remove the USB drive.

Done! You have successfully burned your ISO image file to a USB drive.

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