Android Operating System (OS)

Android is an Operating System, Which comes installed on variety of Smart Phones and Tablet. It has come by millions of Mobile devices in all around the world. Android has developed by Google. As we know that Google services are free and they generate their income via advertising, so that’s why Android is also free. Free in the sense that for a phone manufacturer pays Google nothing. The phone manufacturer have to accepted the Google terms and condition only.

what is Android Operating System - full description

 About Android

Android has the largest installed base of all Operating System (OS) of any kind. Android is currently developed by Google, based on Linux kernel and designed for touch screen devices. It was founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Serus and Chris White in Palo Alto, California in October 2003. In July 2005 Google acquired Android Inc. Android was unveiled in 2007. It is available in 100+ languages.

Android Version

After releasing of the Android Alpha in November 2007, the version history of the Android Mobile Operating System has been started –

Android  1.0 Alpha
Android 1.1 Beta
Android 1.5 Cupcake
Android 1.6 Donut
Android 2.0/2.1 Eclair
Android 2.2 Froyo
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 Honeycomb
Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Android 4.4 Kitkat
Android 5.0 Lollipop

The latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7 Nougat, which will gradually become available for more and more devices.

Android 6.0         Marshmallow

Android N            Nougat

Google Application

As we know Android is owned by American company, Google so Google’s Applications are front and center on newer Android phones. Google wants to use it’s services on Android and it has the contract in place to that. There are many Google apps on android phone which helps users to watch movie, read books, locate location, play games and much more. You can also install many other applications from Google play store.

Android Applications

Applications, which exist importance of your device are written using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and often, the java programming language. Java may be combined with C/C++ language. There is a Process Android Software Development by which new apps are created for the Android Operating System.

Features Of Android Devices

The best part of Android is there are millions of free Android Applications that can be directly installed from google play store.

This is a list of features in the Android Operating System –

  • Messaging, Social Connectivity
  • Browsing, Google search through Voice
  • Multitasking by Android Applications
  • Screen Capture
  • Video calling
  • Bluetooth, Tethering
  • Media support, Java support
  • Native Applications

We love Android device because its be like that Buddy 🙂 which can do that things, other just can’t.

Disadvantage of Android OS

  • There are many apps and features in Android which runs in background. Some this type of features needs data accessibility so that’s why it will eat automatically so much mobile data if your phone’s data connection is on.
  • The major one is Battery problem because that process which runs in background increase the usage of Ram and decreasing Battery performance.
  • Google play has many awesome applications but some how spammers, hackers are ahead of putting malware in Google play store so be careful while downloading apps from play store.

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