About us

Technicalskill : a blog that helps you to solve your phone and computer related problem, as well as other specific tasks relating to technology.

What is Technicalskill 

In this high-tech world, not connecting with basic technology or technical devices is nothing less than illiteracy. Technicalskill is the knowledge and abilities that needed to solve Engineering, Scientific or Computer related problems but in this blog we will teach you that tricks, attempt and technique which help you to solve any type of Computer or Phone related problems, as well as other specific tasks relating to technology.

Purpose of this blog

It is an attempt for all that users who wish to understand and connect with their device. The main purpose of this blog is to tech genuine tricks and awesome techniques that related with your computer software, computer operating system, basic and advance computer problems, phone related problem, android apps, hacking games, develop your device and much more. While I am blogging, I only ever do that by offering you ideas and content that will help you to solve that problems which for you visiting this site.

About Me : Ved Shukla

Hey guys Mved shuklay name is Ved Shukla and I am 19 years old. Basically I am a student of science but i love blogging. I am a self-trained guy. I have not much knowledge in about web designing and coding. I decided to blogging because I honestly believe to helping others by my knowledge in way of my post and content on this blog.